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Blogi aloitettu: 30.4.2019
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  • Fifa555 onliine25.7.2019 klo 09:48  Kommentoi (0)

    Apply Fifa555, pull up to get online betting through hand-picked smartphones. With a PC brain able to coordinate with me 24 hours a day, the International Football Federation Association 555 Marijanon service for more than 8 years, more than 20,000 violent team members who trust me Well, I have a powerful business faculty. Have expertise in madness for over 10 years in the form of contortion and dealing with ball betting. The service is the top rank of Tai. Along with Asia Received a confession from all the magicians in the country, along with the country The main web page is convenient. There are food items Fifa555 onliine Everything means that all Thai languages ??receive an eternal 4 in the category of sport. There will be more than 70 sports in the form of sports that have a lot of people using the service. Ball, basketball, tennis, horse racing, chess, hockey, etc. In the casino category, there is a pattern that you can walk in to play in a real casino. Because there are games like

  • The Belgian national team that25.7.2019 klo 09:47  Kommentoi (0)

    Mark Wiltsot, the current Belgian national manager, expressed great confidence that his team had to go through to play in the round. The runner-up is at least in the Euro 2016 football in France. He also said that being able to get to the top of the group, the team will still go through the next round.
    The Belgian national team that currently ranks first in the world from FIFA's rankings, but they are in a very strong group. Because having to meet both the national team Italy, Sweden And the Irish national team
    The main players of the team, like Thibot Coogs, have also warned their teammates that they must be in a very good form so they can go through to play in the second round.
    "I am not disappointed with seeing the draw results," Mark Wiltsot told Sport ZA hometown newspaper.
    "But it is very clear. That this group is a heavy group "
    "If you ask me if this is a group of death or not, I think not. It's just heavy, but doesn't have anything more than that. We will definitely overcome both Ireland and Sweden, and the encounter with the Italian national team is the most serious thing in this first round. "
    "It must have two teams that have passed the final round. And our team and the Italian national team will be the two teams that should be able to do it. "
    "We talked about having to reach the semi-finals. We will start this program with full confidence. "
    "It will be like during the World Cup that we will beat every team in the group. We have to start with that confidence. "Mark Wiltsot, former footballer of the Schalke 04 team, opened his mind

  • Moy casting can choose not to rush back to the tea30.4.2019 klo 12:24  Kommentoi (0)

    David Moyse, the nemesis trainer who is now unemployed, once again emphasizes that he doesn't ask for work. Because he believes that there must be a job that is suitable for himself, only to return to the team again
    The former manager of the legendary club, Manchester United, was fired from the Real Sociedad team in November. But still rumors continued with the top teams in the Premier League as well, especially the Swansea City team that currently does not have a team trainer on the sidelines.
    "I'm in the happy moment of resting comfortably now," David Moyes said to the famous British news agency Sky Sport.
    "If the right job still comes, I still don't pay attention to the team. I was lucky to receive a proposal to return to work as a team. But now I still have to ask for some time to relax the brain. "
    "But if a good opportunity comes in at the right time I am very confident that it must be exciting. And it's time for us to wade through if it's like that. "
    "But my time in Spain is great. I really have fun there. "
    "Being at La Liga really made me learn a lot. I can earn a lot of knowledge from this place. "
    Currently, in addition to Swansea, there are still many teams that are looking to change the team manager, whether it's Aston Villa or Newcastle United, two teams that are currently running away. And also having an old Chelsea champion last season Which is currently José Mourinho's chair is hot as a fire

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