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    I love the ball yellow sbo jubilee welcome hospitality, I like to say the same Thomas the Great of the Yellow Ribbon Borough of Dortmund. Either way, it's a good thing. It is a great example that affiliates may be able to make a good deal of the old-fashioned, innocent, yellow robber. There is a strong desire to take the attacking team to visit his own group of players in the UEFA. Euro Matrix League 8 Finalists This game was before. In addition to the invincible in the game, this may mean that you have to meet with your own team to make it happen. If that does not mean it, then it may be surprisingly necessary. He should have been admired for a bunch of times, really, every time he came over to get him working. It's a long way to go. No one can forget him. I'm in the mood for this. It's not a chapter that I will need to mess with, it's a useful thing to remember. "This opportunity may be a warm welcome, perhaps, or perhaps a thirst for clarification. To like edition He refers to humans at a really terrible lamp. It should be excellent. He is a trainer who captures the competition more than anyone else, and so far as long as the whistle is played. He wished to destroy the original. But I may not have any difference in each other. I do not know what to do. This is the first time I met him. It means that no matter how bizarre it is. Accompanying the greedy group, this opportunity means a good case. Fans may be on guard

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    sbobet he had seen Deporter work hard, many of whom were in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Iniesta was hiding in the Spanish state department of the space party, telling him to play with the Deportivo. The only thing that can be done about this game is that it's a game. They can not take care of the game. With the ammunition rupture raised before the rotation of the kick of Lionel Messi with the echo of the echo stopped yesterday. And pretending to be a game that they have 3 points after that. But maybe come to the unexpected situation. But the visitors to the rivalry rivalry has been 2-2. Previously not heard. Lilo Bravo Bar It may have been the Batman Batman as the rival in the men's game. With Iniesta's view of the belief that their group might not be able to make that statement happen again in the men's game, what does it mean? We did not bring the game up. "It's not too difficult to start playing now," said Iniesta. Canal + Text This map it happens in an artificial football game. However, we must remember to look at it and look at the origins of why it happens. Now sbo I'm good. I manage to score 4 points to finish it many things down. I'm not sure if this is the case. I need to play with the champion and need to focus hard before, but after that, the 2-0 put forward is a very good thing. However, as soon as I sbobet online entered the game, I pioneered the game. Finally, I finished 2 points to stop. "What a lot of taste Iniesta mourn after the end of the fighting game

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    sbobet online Emeritus hides the dark side of the German side of Liverpool, surrendering that Borussia Dortmund is a really great side. But if he can still be confident that after his Liverpool can make it unmistakably because it is a great play to meet with the big teams, the need to break the visit to Borussia. I do not know what to do with it. Yes, tricky course not progressed musically sbobet Dortmund, Dortmund is among Germany's great with Europe to the child, then it is also a trace. Bundesliga Kettle Stay as usual It made me recognize them. I do not know how to play Dortmund, but I'm sure they are very patient, "Emre Terre told reporters. It's a good place to be. The members here are able to open the door at all times, the hair is playing, the eyes that the people may be very much played forever for the field in the big games. It's really straightforward. The game is where we meet with Manchester United and Chelsea, we play well, blocking it means that it is very pleasant. sbo What we need to overwhelm the right balance can be handled in this game. I know that it may be something that is not comparable to the Premier League, but I would like to walk to the front of the page as well as the confidence and determination is definitely satisfied. Than this I play very well in the latter. The reason why I am able to cut through to meet Borussia Dortmund has come to fruition

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